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Prime Locational advantages - 

  • The Land is located Right on the State Highway No. 151, facilitating easy movement of goods and containers from industrial units. The location is well connected to major cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore etc.

  • Access to 6 major and intermediate sea ports within 500 km facilitating easy import and export of goods

  • 2 major international airports - Vadodara (60 km) and Ahmedabad (81 km)

  • 24x7High Tension Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • All major milk dairies in a radius of 100 km

  • Major Pharma companies in a radius of 100 km

  • 1600 km long coast line- good for sea food related activities

  • Easy availability of skilled and unskilled manpower including Engineers, MBAs etc. because of several state and national universities located in nearby cities.

One-Window Solution

Fully Approved freehold plots
Clean and Fair Transaction
Residential Accommodation
Market access to all major cities in India
Multinational Neighborhood
Site office support
Support for start up and legal compliances
Pollution Free Environment
Large customer base in a radius of 100 km
Administrative Office Support

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