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Our Company can also offer value added services at a mutually agreed price as given below. These are not linked to the price of the land given above. It is optional for the buyer to avail any or all of these services. Our value added services include the following. Hover over each to know more.


We can provide services for registration of your subsidiary in India. This will include name search, approvals and company registration. However, this does not include the payment of statutory fee to the government. This fee would depend on the capital you invest in the subsidiary company


We can offer Built to Suit systems. We can work closely with the company to arrange this. The investing company needs to share its construction plan along with specific details. We can do this in two ways –

  1. Getting quotes from construction companies and simply mediating the contract; or

  2. Getting the factory building fully constructed for ready entry and operations from day one


We have a full floor in premium residential building in city of Anand. The floor has four individual apartments with two being 3-BHK and two being 2-BHK apartments. Individual apartments or the floor, based on the requirement of investor, can be for stay on a nominal rent during factory build up/set up on a contractual basis

We can help investors with ready office space at factory site at a nominal rental. This can be used temporarily until the full set up is in place


Scan Holdings has full-fledged office at New Delhi, the capital city of India. Investors can have fully furnished administrative office for smooth flow of working which can be discussed mutually


Till your own team is established, we can help you to maintain basic accounts functions. Cost depends purely on quantum of work


Till your own team is established, we can help you in statutory compliance of monthly / quarterly returns (reports) which are mandatory by the government. Cost depends on quantum of work


We can help companies identify the best markets for their products and help develop a strategy for the same. We can also help companies get in touch with the right consultants, if the need be, to help them evaluate their project

Any other service that you need, please feel free to discuss with us.

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