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Being experts in the field of international business, with its own business spread across 53 countries, Scan Holdings has a strong understanding of businesses much beyond national boundaries. Our aim in setting up Mahabir Industrial Park as a strictly international community is to encourage international businesses to explore opportunities in Indian markets with a partner that holds your hand and walks you through till the end stage of factory set up.


With this above mentioned idea, we are offering the following to the prospective investors of the park-

  1. Outright sale of Freehold land for plot sizes between 2,000 sq. m. to 11,000 sq. m.

  2. Joint venture possibilities with equity participation for projects of interest to our group.

  3. Value Added Services for legal, administrative and social support.


Our key focus is to dedicate the park to manufacturers/companies from a single country to create a more homogenous ecosystem. This is a one of a kind idea, allowing us to meet infrastructural standards as per expectations from investors; create a culture that is close to making them feel at home; and have neighbours who share the similar lifestyle and thought process as their neighbours in their own country.


We are also promoting investors to invite their own subsidiaries and/or end users to set up factory within Mahabir Industrial Park which will bring additional cost savings and operational advantages to business.

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